The weather is getting warmer, and if you’re looking for a competitive ski camp this summer to improve your skills and increase your speed, then you’ve come to the right place! PV Alpine hosts summer skiing at Mount Hood, Oregon throughout the summer season to help athletes gain the edge in their sport. Our company focuses on creating a fun, engaging ski camp for racers of all ages, relying on the best coaches and proven instruction methods to get you the feedback and improvement you’re looking for.

Summer will be here before you know it, so be sure to learn more about our summer ski camp, then be sure to register before the classes fill up. All of our athletes enjoy the improvement and experience. We look forward to racing with you!

Improvement at All Levels

Whether you’re a beginner racer or you’re a future Olympian, PV Alpine has the right ski camp to help you improve at all levels. Our experienced coaches have worked at all levels of competition, from Junior Championships to the Winter Olympics, and we’re confident that we can help you reach the next level of skill on your path to success. Many summer ski camps offer the promise of progression, but few provide the versatility to offer improvement at all skill levels.

Professional Feedback

You want to improve, but may have hit a wall in your training. Why? Oftentimes, this is due to an error in technique or posture, limiting many skiers throughout their training season. The quality coaches at PV Alpine have a knack for spotting problems in technique, and will provide individualized support and feedback to each individual. We know that each athlete is unique in their own experience and approach, and that a one-size-fits-all will certainly not fit all needs. 

Want to see how you can improve? PV Alpine utilizes an on-slope iPad to provide immediate video feedback. Our coaches will be able to review your run, discuss areas of improvement with you, and watch the followup run to see how the changes help. No other summer ski camp offers the same level of feedback to help you improve your skill set!

Come Have a Blast!

While some ski camps focus on grinding out turn after turn, PV Alpine is here to create a fun experience for everyone involved. We focus on creating a fun environment for all athletes, providing positive feedback and encouragement to make training fun, not a chore. You will have a blast learning with fellow racers, staying on task with our coaches while also making the most of your time on Mount Hood. Sunshine, friends, and world-class ski training — what’s not to love?

One Week of Improvement

Each of our summer ski camps runs for eight days, giving athletes an optimal amount of time to free ski, drill, and race. You can hone your techniques through three days of slalom skiing (SL), three days of giant slalom (GS), and one day of rest at the beach in the middle of the week. Athletes of all ages will enjoy the daily schedule, featuring plenty of practice, afternoon activities, and video reviews.

Three Sessions to Enroll In

In order to help skiers from Washington, Colorado, New York, and everywhere in between, our coaches have created three different sessions to enroll in. You can benefit from our ski camp at the end of June or the middle of July based on your availability. 

  • Session 1 — June 20 — July 27
  • Session 2 — June 29 — July 6
  • Session 3 — July 8 — July 15

Are you looking for professional ski training later in the year? Check out our fall ski camps at Vail to learn more, and be sure to register when you’re ready to commit to big improvements in your speed.

Hurry — Space is Limited!

PV Alpine provides personalized instruction and one-on-one training for skiers at all skill levels, meaning that our summer ski camp is very limited in space. Each session is limited to 20 athletes per training lane, so be sure to register today if you’re ready to improve your skills and speed in a fun, productive environment.

Have questions? You can contact us online to learn more about our program and Mount Hood skiing.